Money can’t buy everything, but it can empower you to reach your most cherished goals. That’s why you work so hard to save and invest.  However, if you’re like most people, though, conventional financial wisdom has left you disappointed. You can get crushed by setbacks, feel hopelessly behind, or just get plain frustrated with the glacial slow growth of your nest egg.

Those nagging doubts and hurt feelings are justified because higher returns are possible, and every day you pass them up takes you further from living your dream. Financial experts and the wealthy clients who hire them don’t settle for 5% a year while crossing their fingers that another crisis doesn’t wipe them out…and you shouldn’t either. Getting double-digit returns with limited risk doesn’t take piles of cash — it just takes smarts and specialized knowledge that we aim to share.

That’s what Learn2Invest is for: to give access to precisely that knowledge that you need to achieve your goals and live your dream. The perfect time to learn is right now. 


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Eric has spent decades helping people reach their financial goals. He has clients – even children – who out-perform professionals, and his ideas have reached millions through his speaking engagements and publications. His market predictions defy contemporary notions, but his accuracy has been documented in print for many years.

After accumulating millions of dollars, he was wiped out in divorce court and had to start over in his 40s. Through the mentorship of a billionaire trader at the S&P, he learned the art of forecasting, and it transformed his finances and his life. Flash forward almost twenty years and today, he has already made what most financial planners hope their clients will accumulate over a lifetime, and he loves helping other people do the same.


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Yes, you read that right. We use an options trading strategy designed to limit your capital risk while retaining large upside potential. Here’s how we do it.

What options trading is

An option is simply a contract

It gives the buyer the right to buy or sell a specific stock at a set price. For this right, the buyer pays the seller up front.

At the end of the contract term, if certain conditions are met, the buyer can exercise the option. In this case, the seller must provide or accept the stock. Otherwise, the contract simply expires.

The lingo is easy

If you want to bet the stock will go up, you buy a call option; if you want to bet a stock will fall in value you buy a put option. The agreed upon price is the strike price. The price paid for the contract is the premium (like in insurance).

Options can create or mitigate risk

Options buyers are speculative and take on large risks. Sellers, on the other hand, have lower risk of losing their capital. That’s why we only sell.

How we limit risk

First, predict the bottom

Our sophisticated analytics are the key to our success. We spend months or even years tracking falling stocks. When we predict that they’re about to rise again, we take action.

Then, sell a put

The first move is to sell a put. We put up some capital (in case it gets exercised) and receive the premium. If the stock rises above the strike price, the option expires, and we get our capital back in full.

This is almost always what happens — our predictions are extremely accurate. But even when they are a bit premature, we still win.

If needed, sell a call

If the stock doesn’t rise enough before the expiration date, the option gets exercised, and the stock is put in our account. Some traders see this as a negative, but for us, it’s an opportunity to make money again.

When we sell a call, we collect another premium. If the stock rises above the strike price, it gets called away from our account, and we get our capital back again. If not, we continue selling calls until it does, collecting a premium each time.

Why it works

The capital always comes back

Using this strategy, we have very low risk of losing any capital at all. Occasionally it gets tied up for a bit longer than expected, but we usually make more within a few months.

20%+ returns are the norm

Here’s a common scenario: you sell a put option for $1000, putting up $5000 in capital. The contract lasts six months, so in that short time you’ve already made a 20% return. That alone would be a good year, but the year's not over yet.

You get paid more than once

Now, your capital is free to go to work again. You could potentially make two such trades in a year, which would mean $2000 received for your $5000 investment – a 40% annual return! Our actual average return is 18.7% in 6.5 months, so this example is close to what our clients truly experience.




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